About Brian Harris

Dr Brian Harris is the Principal of Vose Seminary and is Pastor at Large for the Carey Group, a church, school and community centre planting movement based in Perth, Australia, where he also chairs the board. Brian is married to Rosemary and they have three adult children.

In demand as a speaker, teacher and writer, Brian presents at conferences, theological colleges and churches around Australia and New Zealand, as well as in other parts of the world. He has a special focus on training leaders.

In addition to serving as a director of the Australian College of Theology, where he chairs the Academic Board, and a director and theological advisor to Christian Schools Australia, Brian serves as a member of the Commission on Theological Education and Spiritual Formation of the Baptist World Alliance. In 2011 he served as a visiting international scholar at Carson Newman University in the USA, and at Spurgeon’s College in London from April to June 2018. After his visit to Spurgeon’s College he was given the title of Distiguished International Visiting Scholar of Spurgeon’s College.

He writes a popular monthly column for Perth’s Advocate newspaper, and has authored numerous journal articles. In 2016 British publisher BRF reproduced his Advocate articles in a widely praised book “Could this be God? Bumping into God in the Everyday”.

In 2012 Paternoster contracted Brian to write three books for them. The first, “The Tortoise Usually Wins: Biblical Reflections on Quiet Leadership” was published by Paternoster in April 2013. The books gentle approach to leadership has been very warmly received and it is now the prescribed text for a number of leadership units. It has also been translated into Indonesian (Iota Press).

In 2015 Paternoster published his book “The Big Picture: Building Blocks of a Christian World View”. The books clarity, its accessible style and warm pastoral insight has been praised, and it is being used as the basis for Professional Development days on a Christian world view at many schools in Australia, while several churches have found it useful for study in home groups.

Brian’s final book in his trilogy with Paternoster is “When Faith Turns Ugly: Understanding Toxic Faith and How to Avoid It” (2016). It engages the important question of why faith can take different forms – many life serving, but some toxic and to be vigorously avoided and refuted.

Brian is currently working on two writing projects which will find their way into print in due course – one is in the area of apologetics, the other on the formation of spiritual leaders.

To reach a wider audience, and to maintain contact with those he meets as he speaks at different locations, he started blogging in 2015.