Stirrers And Saints

Stirrers And Saints: Forming spiritual leaders of skill, depth and character

Stirrers and Saints provides biblical, theological and pastoral pointers to help all involved in church leadership become both spiritually mature and effective leaders.

Leadership in the church really matters, but sadly it is often undermined by toxic leaders hitting the headlines. Yet often the most spiritual people in the church do not make strong leaders. So how can we square the circle?

Stirrers and Saints offers a timely appeal for Christians of all personality types to answer God’s call to be leaders in the church, stirring things up and providing ‘saintly’ leadership. By exploring spiritual formation practices, studying biblical leaders, and providing practices to help us become leaders, Brian Harris provides practical resources to raise godly leaders who can lead well.

Debunking the myth that only ‘charismatic’ personalities make good leaders, Stirrers and Saints empowers godly people to step into their leadership calling, whatever their leadership style, and lead well from a place of spiritual maturity.