10 insights on losing 10 kilograms…

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OK, so this is a bit of brag post. I’ve just succeeded in losing 10kg, and mercifully that’s not the result of some dreaded disease, but a bit of a change in eating habits. Here are my 10 insights on losing 10 kg…

  1. I don’t ever want to get into a position where I need to lose 10 kg again.
  2. Sugar is addictive. Its highs are illusionary, and they always let you down.
  3. Eat off a plate and with a knife and fork. It helps limit binging.
  4. Eat slowly, and ask yourself, ‘so what is it that I am eating and am I enjoying it?’
  5. Eat anything in moderation. Exclude arsenic and Brussels sprouts from that list.
  6. When you feel hungry and it is not time to eat, think ‘YES! My body fat is now being devoured!’ Celebrate (without food).
  7. Less is more. I’m enjoying food more now that I am eating less of it. Strange but true.
  8. Blueberries are the best! Seriously yummy and actually good for you.
  9. When disappointed, don’t instantly think ‘food’. If you do, find a healthier alternative.
  10. The write of Ecclesiastes 3 is right – there is a time and a season for everything. I’m grateful that this is a season where I have been able to tackle some personal changes. Hope it can be that season for you to.

Nice chatting…

PS, and though this is not a commercial site and I will receive no financial gain from saying this – LitenEasy is great. No, it doesn’t make it easy – but it certainly does make it easier.


  1. exclude arsenic but Brussel sprouts are actually good for you. Lol

    • The psychological damage done by Brussels sprouts is just too great 🙂

  2. Brussels Sprouts are just evil

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