Managing Monday with Walter Bruggemann – Take 3

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Walter Brueggemann (1933- ) is one of the most influential Old Testament scholars. Though in the first instance a distinguished academic, his work has reached a far wider readership, and the depth of his insights have spoken to many. Here is a third and final taster of some of his work…

  • Prayer is a refusal to settle for what is. Walter Bruggemann
  • I intend to focus on the question of truth. That means I do not inquire about facticity – what happened – but what is claimed, what is asserted about reality. Walter Bruggemann
  • Cynicism always comes clothed in “realism”. The alternatives to begin with an act of imagination. Can we imagine another way? Walter Bruggemann
  • Silence is a strategy for the maintenance of the status quo, with its unbearable distribution of power and wealth. Walter Bruggemann

As always, nice chatting…

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