On Isolating for a Week with Covid…

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You’ve got it. The title of this post is what is happening for me as I write. I’ve had an inner struggle between my easy going self and my Gestapo self, the former telling me that given I have Covid, no one will expect me to post this week, and my sergeant major self telling me that it’s no excuse, after all, what else have I to do with my time other than write blog posts now that a week of appointments has been cancelled. The sergeant won (he usually does), but my gentler self is giving a reader alert that my words might be strung together a little untidily as a covid hazed brain misses a few grammatical oddities.

So how has it been?

Well, day one of isolation I realised I needed to give some serious thought to the eulogies I wanted at my funeral. I also contemplated what would be suitable music for the service, and as I worked through my playlist I noted that Ashokan Farewell could work well if it was played quietly alongside the slide show review of my life. Deciding I was getting a tad morbid, I tried to distract myself with a light crime mystery, Faith Martin’s The Flower Show Murder. Now I don’t want to brag, but yes, I solved it, so there is still some life in my little grey cells (as Poirot would say). I also thought up an interesting twist that could have been added, so feel free to consult me if you plan to write a murder mystery. After that, I tried to fall asleep – but couldn’t, which was a tad annoying as I felt exhausted. And I really wanted an escape from the repeated bouts of painful coughing that left my rib cage aching and my excruciatingly sore throat begging for mercy. Oh, there is no mistaking it, Covid isn’t actually very nice – but hey, it is what it is. And for different people it is different things. I think I am getting off lightly – but then I am only now in day 2 of isolation.

So what has day 2 been like? (And for those who like detail, I am writing this on a Friday even though this post is only due to appear on Sunday.)

Well, as the darkness descends I am feeling hopeful. Coughing bouts are less, and last night I slept well – first really good nights sleep I have had in a while. True, I did wake in the middle of the night drenched in sweat but it was a lot better than the previous night when I had woken up shivering and shaking uncontrollably. That wasn’t pleasant, though mercifully it didn’t last too long, but it took almost forever to get back to sleep again.

Today has been good. I found the energy to clean the pool (legal disclaimer, I think you’re allowed to go into your back garden when in isolation, if not, my sincere apologies!). It left me a little breathless, so I shifted to working on a few emails and calls. Earlier I had to cancel the flight to Sydney I was supposed to be on today. Somehow that conference will have to manage without my wisdom… (rather soberingly, I am sure they will!) Which brings me to now… well, you know what I am doing, I’m writing this post.

Another reflection, Rosemary, being my wonderful wife of almost 42 years, is defined in Covid terms as a “close contact”. However, as a nurse, she has special exemption to carry on working each day, leaving me alone to fend for myself. Oh the special privileges you get as a nurse. All she has to do is produce a negative RAT test at the start of each day, photograph it, and off she goes ready and able to care for everyone except me. Not that I’m complaining – I would never have been allowed to clean the pool if she had been home.

It does feel a little strange though. For the first time in 42 years of marriage we are in the same home but sleeping not just in a separate bed but a separate room. We’ve never done that before, but then I really don’t want her to get this virus from me. I mask up when she is at home. She gets asthma, and might not escape as lightly as me if she gets it. It’s horrible feeling that you could be the source of plague to someone else. Ah well, only another few nights.

Oops, just had a bit of a coughing bout then. The good news – and hope this isn’t an overshare – the phlegm was no-where near as discoloured as it was yesterday. I think that is a good sign.

Back to the music for the funeral. I was trying to decide on the best song to be playing while the casket is carried out. I think the Northland Camp Singers version of Complete in Thee is a definite contender, though if you don’t like that, Selah’s He Will Hold Me Fast is worth serious consideration.

As always, nice chatting…

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  1. Comment *I love that you wrote this personal blog as if to a close family friend….many of us don’t have too many of those so thank you Brian, Sydney’s loss, our gain. All the best for your swift recovery ?? Shelly Hill

    • Thanks Shelly. That actually means a lot to me. I have been privileged to meet some wonderful people along the way – and you are definitely one of them. So I do feel like I am writing to people who I care about, and who care about me.

  2. Well, fancy that. My wife tested positive for COVID last Saturday. Despite wearing a mask and gloves and using lots of hand sanitiser when taking food and water into ‘her’ bedroom, I tested positive on Tuesday. No more masks and gloves! We have since nursed each other, taking turns to warm up the soups that our daughter and son-in-law have left on our doorstep. I’m moving back into ‘our’ bedroom today. Mercifully, our symptoms have been relatively mild – no worse than a heavy winter cold. For me the greatest benefit was having a good excuse to cancel meetings, including online meetings. The greatest cost was having to close church for two Sundays. Ours is a small church and we have no delegates for emergencies like this. I’ve still taken pastoral calls, attended to hundreds of emails and written a board paper. I think what will remain in my memory is our family and church members who have been so willing to do anything they can to help us out. It has been a wonderful reminder of the importance of living in community. Get well soon!

    • Glad it worked out so well for you Rod. So far Rosemary hasn’t got it and I’m now out and about and back into everything. I suspect soon it will be a distant memory and I much prefer it that way.
      Don’t dash back into everything too quickly. I am 95% back to normal but 95% isn’t 100% and I sense that regression is possible (or so my body warns me when I push a bit too hard).


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