Quotable: Greg Sheridan and God is Good for You – Take 2

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A few weeks ago we had an initial look at a few gems from Greg Sheridan’s excellent new book God is Good for YouHere is a second look…

  • Materialism, the most boring as well as the least accurate way of experiencing the world and recording experience, is the dominant mindset of the Western intelligentsia in our day. – Quoting A.N.Wilson (p35)
  • Militant atheists deny any validity to the testimony of anyone in history who, through mystical prayer or contemplation or the irruption of God into human consciousness, claims any direct personal experience of God. But the testimony of this experience is long and frequent and deep and consistent. Greg Sheridan (p47-48)
  • One paradox of faith is that it always involves a dimension of doubt. If it was absolutely self-evident, there would be no need for faith. Greg Sheridan (p88)
  • Even our sense of moral outrage presupposes God. Just who are we outraged against if there is no God? Not only that: why do we think the universe, our world, our neighbourhood, anything we find appalling, is morally wrong? If our world is just atoms and energy and evolution then whether we like it or not, it has no moral character at all. It’s just a question of our paltry preferences. Greg Sheridan (p129)

As always, nice chatting…

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