Quotable: Simon Carey Holt and Heaven All Around us – Take 2

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I posted on Simon Carey Holt’s wonderful book Heaven All Around Us a few weeks ago. Here is a second look at some striking quotes from the book.

  • …for neighbor-love to have credibility, it has to be practiced where we are. Simon Carey Holt (p86)
  • Walking is an act of awareness, a way of seeing, noticing, and being present to where we live… When I drive through my neighbourhood, my destination is elsewhere. I am focussed on the most efficient way in or out. I don’t see it. When I walk my neighbourhood I am aware of it. I notice the individual homes, the front doors and windows… When I walk it, I can no longer ignore this place of mine. I see it as a human place, a place of God. Simon Carey Holt (p93)
  • A regular commitment to play has the potential to heal and release us from what Rahner identifies as our “idiotic earnestness” and “senseless preoccupation with the things of this world.” Simon Carey Holt (p111)
  • There is always the chance in conversation that we will be shifted, prodded, challenged, or moved to think and act differently. It is this, I suggest, that sets conversation apart from talk. In face, if we do not come to conversation open to its transforming potential then all we have is talk. Simon Carey Holt (p146)

As always, nice chatting…

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