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I’m recently back from preaching at a special Fathers’ Day service at Katanning. For those not familiar with Western Australia, it is a three hour drive south of Perth – and what a stunning drive it was today. The countryside was ablaze with colour. This is one of the best times of the year in WA.

The blog has now been operational for two weeks, and lest you are interested, I thought I would give you a quick update on where it is at. So far

  • 549 people have visited the site
  • from 39 countries
  • viewing pages 1205 times
  • viewers are most frequently referred to the site by Facebook and lnkd.in – but also from a host of other media and Google searches
  • people have gone on to share posts on Facebook 129 times, and have also reposted on Twitter and Lnkd.in

The top ten countries ordered by viewers are Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, USA, South Africa, UK, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

I am really pleased. It has exceeded my expectations. I am getting a bit of advice on how to keep improving the blog, and some great suggestions have been made.

A few quick points…

  • Several people have emailed commenting on the blog, often making comments that would have been helpful to the discussion as a whole. I know some are a little shy of making public comments, but none of the observations made so far has been silly, so I would encourage you to post them directly to the blog. There is a moderation process, so if you have said something really outrageous I can quietly dismiss it to the bin. Because of the moderation safeguard (primarily to protect against inappropriate comments – disagreement is fine), there can be a bit of a delay between your making the comment and it being posted.
  • Regardless of the comment above, if you do want to email me directly, you can email me at Vose. All Vose staff emails follow the set format of firstname.surname at vose.edu.au
  • Feel free to use posts in church newsletters, sermons, articles, assignments or to repost to your own blog, or anywhere else that might be helpful, so long as you acknowledge the source brianharrisauthor.com
  • Please continue forwarding posts on to others. It really helps to grow the reader base. The little button to do so is at the end of each post.
  • I plan to continue to post every Tuesday and Friday, the scheduled time being 0600 AWST. The easiest way to ensure not missing any posts is to sign up to be emailed each time a post is made. Not too surprisingly, the place to do that is at the Subscribe to Blog via Email box on the right hand side of the blog page.
  • While the blog is the busiest part of the brianharrisauthor.com website, it is part of a broader website, which also gives information about my books and bookings. Part of my role involves speaking and teaching in a wide range of settings, and if you would like to book me, you can check to see my likely availability. Naturally not every thing I do is listed, and it excludes all my regular lecturing and meeting schedules. For those of you who pray, view the information on what I am speaking at as an invitation to pray for me and those attending the meetings.

Well, that’s it until Tuesday 0600 when the next post will be ‘A world minus Jesus’. Incidentally, present posts have been violating the ‘not more than 1000 words’ guideline. That’s been because of the nature of the topics. When the ‘Why believe?’ series finishes, most posts will be shorter – both for your sake and mine. While I will write the majority of them, I have invited some great guests to participate, and you can expect to start hearing from them in coming weeks.

As always, nice chatting…


  1. Hello Brian
    I don’t know where I found this out, but I have believed for some time that Google actually get more traffic to 1000+ word articles. I haven’t found that true always, but my 1000+ word articles have generally been read more than my usual range (400-600).
    God bless you,

    • Ah, perhaps I will have to be wordy…

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