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From time to time I like to refer our readers to some great posts on other sites… though always hoping that they will still keep looking at this site. So what are some recent posts that I have enjoyed?

Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed blog recently ranked this post on being on the wrong side of history as their post of the year. Now there are some great posts on that site, and I wouldn’t necessarily have rated this as number 1, but it is an intriguing read and argues back strongly against the emotional manipulation present in ‘you will be on the wrong side of history’ arguments. Definitely worth a read – and if you do, argue back against some of the points in your own mind. In my view, some are really strong, others less so. I’ll leave you to guess which are which.

At Ponder Anew, Jonathan Aigner’s post in the form of an open letter to the church ‘from one of those millennials you can’t figure out’ had, when I last looked, attracted 325 comments – which is noteworthy in itself.  Posted back in May 2015, I only came across it a few days ago. Some of his key points are ‘Don’t expect a “worship style” to do your dirty work’; ‘Don’t give us entertainment, give us liturgy’; ‘Don’t target us’ and ‘Welcome the toughest, deepest, grittiest, most desperate, most shocking questions’. Ask if the issues raised are relevant for your context.

I greatly value my friendship with Paul Windsor, and am always enriched by his work and writing. His blog exegesis – the art of unpacking is filled with gems. A recent one on evangelism is worth pondering. A kind of back to basics yet not quite, plea. Appropriately, it is called back to the future.

And then from Perth, a post referred to in some of the comments on this site, and which is one of my favourites (albeit that I find it very challenging) is Bronwen Speedie’s Mary did you know. It was picked up and reproduced on the Jesus Creed site – no small praise. I’ve now read it several times, and every time I think ‘gosh, this is really good’.

Happy reading…


  1. Thanks for doing me the honour of listing my article as a “great post,” Brian! I hadn’t been aware either that it had been picked up by Jesus Creed – a most unexpected honour!

    • So glad that it is getting the wider reading it so richly deserves.

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