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Welcome to my website. Find information on my books, read my blog, or view essays and work by some budding theologians. My plan is to post twice a week, one a post I have written, the other by a friend or emerging theologian (or both). I want the site to give a voice to those whose thoughts are not always expressed or available in the public arena. If you would like to contribute, feel free to contact me.

Topics covered will be wide, but will usually gravitate back to some of the key themes from my books – quiet leadership, key building blocks of the Christian faith, what makes faith life serving or toxic, and topics of relevance to those engaged in apologetics or who wish to explore the intersection of faith and contemporary culture. I am also interested in education – theological education to be sure, but also the role of Christian schools and the intersection of theology and the marketplace. Your thoughts on these topics are welcome.

Looking forward to getting to chat a lot more over the coming months.


  1. Hi Brian,

    Sign me up 🙂

  2. Looking forward to seeing this

  3. Brian you are awesome!
    And so is Becky Oates ?

  4. Enjoyed the read……the truth.

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