Managing Monday with Gustavo Gutierrez

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Born in Lima, Peru, Roman Catholic Priest Gustavo Gutierrez (1928-) is regarded as one of the founders of liberation theology. His work is thought provoking and challenging, and it is certainly worth taking time to reflect on some of his insights…

  • There is no true commitment to solidarity with the poor if one sees them merely as people passively waiting for help… The goal is not to become the ‘voice of the voiceless’… but rather to ensure that in some way those without a voice find one. Gustavo Gutierrez
  • We live post socialist, post capitalist, post industrialist. People love to be ‘post’. But we do not live post poverty. Gustavo Gutierrez
  • If I define my neighbor as the one I must go out to look for, on the highways and byways, in the factories and slums, on the farms and in the mines, then my world changes. Gustavo Gutierrez
  • Poverty is not a fate, it is a condition; It is not a misfortune, it is an injustice. Gustavo Gutierrez

As always, nice chatting…

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