Managing Monday with John Calvin – Take 4

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For the last few weeks the Managing Monday post has explored some of the wisdom of French theologian John Calvin (1509-1564). Calvin’s influence is almost impossible to overstate – so we will probably return to him in the future, but for now here are a few concluding insights as revealed in these memorable quotes…

  • Unbelief is the mother of anxiety – John Calvin
  • Whatever a person may be like, we must still love them because we love God – John Calvin
  • Men are undoubtedly more in danger from prosperity than from adversity. For when matters go smoothly, they flatter themselves, and are intoxicated by their success – John Calvin

and the last Calvin quote for a little while…

  • If we do not perceive our wretchedness and poverty, we will never know how desirable is that remedy that Christ has brought to us – John Calvin

As always, nice chatting…

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