Managing Monday with Philip Yancey – take 2

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Philip Yancey’s (1949 – present) books have sold over 14 million copies, making him one of the most widely read contemporary Christian authors. I always enjoy his work, but What’s so Amazing about Grace and The Jesus I Never Knew, are particular favourites. Managing Monday will spend a few weeks highlighting some of his gems…

  • As I read the birth stories of Jesus I cannot help but conclude that though the world may be tilted toward the rich and powerful, God is tilted toward the underdog – Philip Yancey
  • Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory – Philip Yancey
  • To pray is to walk in the full light of God, and to simply say, without holding back, “I am human and you are God.” – Philip Yancey
  • Some things are loved because they are beautiful. Some things are beautiful because they are loved – Philip Yancey

As always, nice chatting…

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