Managing Monday with Richard Foster – Take 2

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Richard Foster (1942 – ) is an American theologian and author in the Quaker tradition. His 1978 book Celebration of Discipline has sold over one million copies, and has perhaps been more influential than any other book in helping those in the evangelical stream of Christianity to rediscover and experience some of the spiritual disicplines that have nurtured the church for centuries. He has also written significant books on prayer and simplicity. This is our second look at some of his reflections. In their own way, they are suitable for Christmas.

  • The purpose of silence and solitude is to be able to see and hear. Richard Foster
  • Only when we have learned to be truly silent are we able to speak the word that is needed when it is needed. Richard Foster
  • The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people. Richard Foster
  • We come to the scriptures to be changed, not to amass information. Richard Foster

As always, nice chatting – and hope that your Christmas is richly blessed…

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