Managing Monday with Walter Brueggemann

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Walter Brueggemann (1933- ) is one of the most influential Old Testament scholars. Though in the first instance a distinguished academic, his work has reached a far wider readership, and the depth of his insights have spoken to many.

  • There is no final reading of the text. We will always read it again, and it will take us somewhere else. Walter Bruggemann
  • Hope, on one hand, is an absurdity too embarrassing to speak about, for it flies in the face of all those claims we have been told are facts. Hope is the refusal to accept the reading of reality which is the majority opinion; and one does that only at great political and existential risk. On the other hand, hope is subversive, for it limits the grandiose pretension of the present, daring to announce that the present to which we have all made commitments is now called into question. Walter Brueggemann
  • Because the reach of the gracious God of the Bible is toward the other, we ought to be skeptical and suspicious of any reading of the Bible that excludes the other. Walter Brueggemann

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