Quotable: Greg Sheridan, God is Good for You

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Greg Sheridan’s latest book God is Good for You: A Defence of Christianity in Troubled Times (2018) is well worth the read. It starts memorably…

What will it mean for us, when God is dead? Who, then, can humanity converse with, when we lose our oldest friend?

The loss of Christianity, and not only of Christianity but of much other religious belief and practice, will change us in ways we cannot possibly imagine. There will be no purpose beyond ourselves and ultimately Western humanity will look in the mirror and say: I’m bored with myself. And then, out of that boredom, who can imagine? Human boredom and confusion have often had deadly consequences. (p1)

Here are some other insights from Sheridan…

  • Human beings are formed in a culture, and a culture without God will form different human beings. Greg Sheridan (p2)
  • If you don’t like the religious right, wait till you meet the post-religious right. Quoting Ross Douthat (p8)
  • …not to have any substantial knowledge of what Jesus actually taught is a crippling disability in a Christian. Greg Sheridan (p10)
  • It’s wrong to reject Christianity our of hand without having any idea of what it is actually saying. That’s what the West is in the process of doing now. Greg Sheridan (p11)

As always, nice chatting…

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  1. Lots to ponder over in all that. Thank you again Brian.

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