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Thanks for reading this blog. For the last year I have been posting on Monday, Tuesday and Friday morning, and have been happy with the response – almost 20 000 page views this calendar year. But the frequency of posting is eating into my time a little too much – more particularly, it is slowing the progress on┬áthe 3 new book projects that a spoke about a few posts ago. This is to alert you that while the blog will continue to operate (this is definitely not a closure notice), posts in the foreseeable future, won’t be as frequent.

As usual when a new post is up, I will send an alert via Facebook and LinkedIn, but the best way to be sure of getting an alert is to sign up to the blog. It’s easy as to do so – just follow the prompts at the subscribe heading. It’s all free – no credit card numbers required!

And if you miss the frequency of the posting, why not browse through some of the earlier posts. I’m rather pleased at the amount of material accumulated. Most of it is not time specific, so remains as valid as when it was first aired.

Thanks again for your interest in the blog – I really enjoy writing it, and continue to appreciate your many words of support and encouragement. And this is not the end… just a slight slowing of the pace.

As always, nice chatting…

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